An outstanding creative, cited as “iconic” and “truly multi talented by media ANNA WILDING is a noted and internationally award winning Actress, Director, Writer, Producer in both the mainstream and independent/arthouse American movie and television business. Anna has also made major music videos for major rock stars and labels.

Here is an interview with the Rita Cosby Show on WABC Radio New York October 2017 about Harvey Weinstein and Equality.  You may also see a January 2018 news story on Anna recalling her time in the White House   Please also see Media page on this site.

Anna  founded the luxury skincare cream Kalon Skincare using pure natural ingredients like Manuka Honey

Throughout 2015/2016 (-2017) Anna was based in Washington DC and served as a full time Chief White House Correspondent in multiple mediums film, TV broadcast, newspaper ,digital and radio – Click here for Presidential photo samples/purchase

To book Anna or request photography, or film services please email through the contact form. To purchase photos please also use contact form.

Ms Wilding works also as Creative Director and designer across multiple platforms.

Well known in the movie industry  Ms Wilding also put in several years as a Film Executive in London, Los Angeles and New York. Anna has worked on major motion pictures and award winning indie films. In 2008 Ms Wilding was declared as one of only 100 women Directors who had a feature length film run formally in cinemas for more than seven days. This was for the critically acclaimed and hit indie film Buddha Wild. The film played in cinemas for a combined total of 60 days, qualified and was a front runner for the for Oscars one year to be beat out, by an Inconvenient Truth at final selection,and is archived by official request at AMPAS.Ms Wilding also carried and anchored the film as actress in the capacity of host. Anna is a member of SAG AFTRA and has been a paid up member of Producer Guilds and Directors Guilds from London to Australia.

Some of Annas White House work can be seen at TV network i24,  Herald de Paris ,  C-Span various Newspapers, Magazines and Agencies for Presidential photographs and Anna’s production company was Carpe Diem Films ,is now part of the Kalon Group, that has several feature films and tv shows in development .

In Christmas 2016  Ms Wilding was casting director for the Christmas National Oreo’s Santa commercial out of New York and the MidAtlantic. An outstanding creative in addition Ms Wilding has been cited for her work as a camera operator,still photographer and art director.

Anna Wilding Actress, Director, Screenwriter, Senior White House Correspondent, Producer



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