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2018. Much work including CONVERSATIONS WITH  A PINK SHEEP written by Anna Wilding Launching December 2018 and Performing Live at ICEHOUSE COMEDY CLUB in September and elsewhere . Anna’s photography work was featured the renowned Fresh Focus Exhibit in LA and Anna has  a major solo exhibit coming up on 17 February 2019 in Los Angeles

Founded Kalon Group

2017; 24 January. Anna was campaign Manager in Palm Beach Island for a candidate, and featured in several interviews about her work based at the White House..Anna is speaking in Virginia on the Producer’s Panel at

2017: Anna Wilding is speaking in Virginia and just cast the National Oreo’s Christmas Commercial

In 2015/2016 Ms Wilding worked as a White House Correspondent photos, writing and broadcast Herald De Paris  , White House  and more

Ms Wilding founded and works actively in film .Ms Wilding re-released for free as a public service her noted film on the earthquakes Faultline

2015 Ms Wilding co starred in and was hired to Exec Produce and co- star in a Pilot called The Ladies, Ms Wilding also Production Designed this TV pilot

Ms Wilding ,as a White House Correspondent has also had dozens of stories and photographs published at, photos at and in 2015/2016

You may also want to check out Ms Wilding’s food reviews,from around the United States, from Hawaii to New York at

In August 2014 Anna Wilding created ,directed and produced a great Music Video for Acquisotic (ft Bruce Gombrelli),which is HERE

Remember to make sure the settings tab is set to 720 or 1080 to play smoothly.

Anna is availabe efor hire and  is currently considering new projects, across multiple platforms. Ms Wilding is also developing a TV pilot , a feature fim and is currently in post production on THE OPEN ROAD
Ms Wilding is available for hire as Actor or Director or Writer or Producer
Please use contact form for Inquiries.